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Alberto Pina
Alberto Pina
GM - Mobile Homes Direct
"Inbound Horizons has played an invaluable role in helping our company to go from an idea to nearly $10,000,000 in sales in just our first 18 months in business... Inbound Horizon’s ability to proactively adapt and change course quickly has allowed us to stay on top of shifts in the market and stay ahead of our competition."
B. Brzozowski
B. Brzozowski
Owner - Billy Bob's Repair
"I've looked back at what has helped us grow from a startup shop operating out of one bay that we leased to an 11,000 sq ft shop. One that stands out was our choice to use Inbound Horizons for our website design and on-line marketing....Through their efforts we have risen to the top in many organic searches and have had several competitors contact us trying to figure out how we have done it."
Does Your Other Marketing Firm Have A Non-Compete Policy? We do! We Stand By Our Partner Clients Over Their Competitors.

We decided to defy the norms as a digital marketing agency and commit to a 'non-compete' policy in effect for all of our full marketing partners. That means if our agency brings you on as a client, we will refuse to also take on a competitor in your same market so you can be assured you have our full support without having to wonder if your agency is working 'behind your back' with a competitor just to make a fast dollar. We have refused competitors before and will do it again if it means becoming your dedicated digital marketing partner and growing with in your business success!

Our Packages

From social to search, we've got it covered with a holistic approach! You don't have to work with dozens of contractors since we take care of it all. You can narrow in on one service our holistic digital marketing agency offers or take advantage of full-partner marketing benefits and an exclusive non-compete agreement from us to only work with your business in your market!
  • PPC management - Google & Bing
    Our certified Google Partner agency completely builds and manages your paid search campaigns on Google or Bing.
    See Pay Per Click Service Costs
  • Social Media Marketing - Facebook
    We write, launch and optimize paid social media ads for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
    See Social Media Marketing Service Costs
  • e-mail marketing - Mailchimp
    We write, design and launch your e-mail campaigns to a list of potential customers.
    See E-Mail Marketing Service Costs
  • Custom CRMs & Analytics
    Track sales leads & customers based on YOUR business workflow and not one forced on you by some software company! We tie our custom-built, web-based CRMs to continually updated real-time data dashboards, along with personal staff analysis of your marketing performance.
    See Data Analytic Service Costs
  • Results-Based SEO Services
    You want to rank on the top 10 in Google and Yahoo/Bing; we want to see you get there too. Our search optimizations are results-driven; you don't pay unless you get more leads!
    See SEO Marketing Service Costs
  • Custom, Responsive Website Builds
    From a 5-page starter to a 400+ page enterprise site, we'll build it right for thousands less!
    See Custom Website Build Costs
  • Content - Photos, Videos, Articles
    We have writers with 15+ years experience ready to product original, creative content for articles, infographics, website pages, and blog posts.
    See Content Production Costs
  • Social Media Management
    Don't have time to watch your Facebook and Twitter feeds to respond rapidly to customers or write original posts? We've got that covered too.
    See Social Media Management Costs
  • Live Chat Services
    We can help set up your live chat software, provide live training for your sales team, or be an outsourced chat provider to generate more leads on your website!
    See Live Chat Training & Set Up Costs
  • Full Partner Benefits
    Why become a full marketing partner? Two reasons. Discounts on most services, and we will not compete in your market by taking other clients in your vertical; you get us all to yourself!
    Contact Us About Becoming A Full Partner!

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Why Bother?

Do you even need a hands-on digital marketing partner?

Do you need us? Maybe not. Perhaps you are a tech-savvy business owner with plenty of free-time to research the latest SEO or PPC marketing strategies, and have several hours a day to spend building social media campaigns, or writing engaging new content for your site. But if you're like the rest of us who could use a little help, contact us today to learn how our digital marketing team can help your business grow!

Why use a digital marketing agency?
  • People Who Research Products/Services Online First

  • Web Traffic On Mobile Devices

  • E-Commerce Sales On Mobile


If You Don't Go Where Your Customers Are, Your Competition Will!