Why Should You Partner With us?

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Our Vision - To Make Your Business Succeed

We are a family-owned and operated digital marketing agency based out of Texas with a workforce that spans the globe and a client base with no borders.

Our goal is to make your business succeed online and provide a substantial return on your digital marketing investment. If you knew a stock investment would bring you 20% ROI wouldn’t you buy it? How about marketing that aims for 200% ROI, or even 2,000% and more, for your business?

Your bottom line is our business. We have an experienced team and a full range of marketing tools to give you the edge over your competition and make your phones ring with new inbound customers. Come see how Inbound Horizons can make the difference in your business growth!

Our Loyalty - We Refuse Your Competitors

We decided to defy the norms as a digital marketing agency and commit to a ‘non-compete’ policy in effect for all of our full marketing partners. That means if our agency brings you on as a full-package or enterprise client, we will refuse to also take on a competitor in your same market (typically defined as 50 miles radius of your location for any competitor in your same market space).

Why do we do this? So you can be assured you have our full support without having to wonder if your agency is working ‘behind your back’ with a competitor just to make a fast dollar. We have refused competitors before and will do it again. We have stayed withseveral clients for over 7 years as their dedicated digital marketing partner. We are ready to commit to you as your exclusive marketing agency!

Our Team - Real People, Real Partners

We looked around the small business digital marketing landscape and noticed one thing – few services offered involved, dedicated support from a real person – and thus small businesses were often subjected to their accounts being thrown into an anonymous automated system.

Every client we take has direct access to dedicated account managers to enable rapid, responsive marketing efforts. We don’t sell marketing – we sell a partnership for success from a team dedicated to growing your business online and offline.

Wouldn’t you rather be working with someone who cares if your brand and product succeeds, who knows your name and is only an e-mail or phone call away for fast consultation on your account? That’s the IBH difference!

We also want to give a shout out to some of those companies that help us make this level of service possible. One of them is Cook CPA LLC who handles all our accounting and bookkeeping needs. We’d recommend them for anyone needing an accountant to keep their business running and books balanced!

Our CEO - Committed To Family Business

CEO Daniel Sem Daniel Sem is the founder and CEO of Inbound Horizons Inc. He began IBH in 2011 with a desire to help other small family-owned businesses leverage the latest trends in digital marketing to help them grow into the 21st century marketplace. His vision is for a customer-focused, affordable, cutting-edge holistic digital marketing agency positioned to help small businesses achieve their full business potential.

Graduating Summa Cum Laude from Truman State University with a BAC in 2005, Daniel Sem has sought to use his knowledge and experience to serve business customers across the world.

Contact Us To Get Started With Inbound Horizons

Let’s get started by listening to your hopes and dreams for your online growth. Listening is free. Well, for the first 30 minutes on a call at least, or totally for an e-mail you send even if it’s 10 pages long! After that, we can make a plan to move forward and help your family business grow!.