Paid & Free WordPress Plugins Built By IBH

small business packages

We've built numerous paid and free WordPress plugins over the years that provide solutions to common needs for WordPress site developers and small business owners operating their own sites.

You can find our plugins below or on our official WordPress profile. We also provide custom plugin development for WordPress.
  • IBH Plugins on WordPress
Do you need a custom WordPress Plugin solution? We can develop anything from a small single-solution plugin to a large enterprise-level plugin offering a range of functionality and features.

    Our WordPress Plugin Development Solves Problems

    We have a growing library of paid and free WordPress plugins that might be a help to your WordPress site. 

    We’ve touched on solutions as big as multi-site e-commerce catalog management to things as small as consolidating all those cluttered WordPress notifications on your admin panel.

    You can see our free plugins live on the WordPress Repository and our premium plugin versions available on Freemius.

    We have built plugins for WordPress and Woo Commerce for years. If we don’t have a plugin solution for a problem you are facing, you can also contact us to custom build a plugin for your site.