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Want To Add Amazing Stock Drone Footage To Your Videos? License Our Footage Direct For Your Projects.

We’ve been all over the world capturing amazing – and exclusive – stock drone video footage.

Want to add it to your own video productions? No problem. Our royalty free stock drone video footage is for sale! We have an easy royalty-free license purchase process on our site. Just buy the license, download your clip, and add some amazing footage to your project!

Want stock drone footage of places you don’t see here? We may have it in a private collection or we can work with you for a custom location shoot. Just contact us to let us know!

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What Motivated Us To Capture Our 4K Stock Drone Footage For Sale?

We aren’t a massive stock drone footage site like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock or Getty Images. But we are committed to producing royalty free stock drone footage with a personal, professional touch often lacking on large, impersonal portfolios. We didn’t start capturing aerial drone footage to make money. truck tent camping to capture drone video footageI’m not joking. Our ops manager would camp out of the back of his pickup truck for months on end, paying out of pocket (and his paycheck from us!) just to stay another week on site and capture more drone footage. If you want proof, Napier (the truck-tent company) kept seeing his truck tent in the videos online and officially mentioned us on their site! We did it because we love capturing the beauty of nature and our own human interaction with it.  Although we did decide later on to post our drone stock video footage for sale to help us pay the bills to keep capturing more footage! But even when it gets hard and we think of giving up, we continue doing it because we’ve found that thousands of other people enjoy watching our footage too! If you haven’t seen our videos, watch them on our YouTube Channel. royalty free drone footage Maybe you are one of them and are here because you saw some of our work featured on other sites and social media feeds out there. Or maybe you are here just trying to find good quality royalty free drone footage and never heard of us before. Either way, if you want drone video footage made by people with a passion to fly in beautiful places around the world, we’ve got it! We feel that there is too much drone video footage that is shot just to make a quick dollar, or done to fill some bland corporate portfolio. When you do it because you love it, you can see the difference!

Royalty Free Stock Drone Footage From Around The World

royalty free drone footageOur team goes wherever we can find a place with natural beauty and legal access for drones (not always easy!). We love shooting in the USA as there is so much to explore, and our growing list of videos by state is something you won’t want to miss! Some of the US states we have drone footage for include:
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Missouri
  • Hawaii – Oahu
  • Hawaii – Kauai
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • Montana
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Utah
We know there’s more states we’ve missed, and we hope to keep adding to this list as time makes it possible!

We Have Global Drone Footage Available Too

Royalty Free Drone Video Footage We began in the USA but have gone global in recent years. Sometimes that meant sleeping in a rented car for weeks on end and eating granola bars to save money! But sometimes it meant a nice night in a tropical tree house on a sunny island, too. And every time, our drone pilot survived and brought back some absolutely amazing footage!

Use Our Royalty Free Drone Footage or Just Follow Our Travels!

Maybe you are a creative professional and want some good HD or 4K drone stock footage made with the same artistic passion you use in your own works. Maybe you are just starting out on some amateur video compilations and don’t know which stock footage producer to start with. Or maybe you are just bored and want to watch some cool drone videos of places most of us will probably never be able to afford a plane ticket to! Don’t worry. We’ve got something for everyone! If you want to browse our existing HD & 4K royalty free drone footage stock portfolio to buy a few clips, just get started with our footage filter above. If you have a specific shot in mind, we can help you find it in our stock library if you contact us about our footage and let us know what you want! If you just want to stay up on the latest videos, you can follow the channels below so you see the latest content we put out: You can also sign up for our e-mail list where we notify people about the newest videos that come out, as well as the occasional discount or footage giveaway we put out from time to time.

Trying To Hire a Pilot to Shoot Your Own Custom Drone Footage?

drone video footage flight for hireMaybe you didn’t come here for royalty free drone footage that already exists. If you are looking for something exclusive and unique to a certain location, we also have drone aerial videography services we offer via “Fly For Hire” jobs. We are FAA certified to fly in the USA, and we know how to navigate licensing in overseas/international locations too. We are pretty flexible on scheduling and location for drone shoots. If you want us to fly overseas somewhere to shoot custom drone video footage we will probably need to talk about travel expenses, but we are willing to go pretty much anywhere drones are legal! We’ll get you the footage you want. Why? Because we love what we do. Whether it’s our pilot in the field or our photo editor and web staff stuck back home enjoying the trips vicariously as we edit the amazing drone footage sent back… We do this because we love it! If you want to work with a team that has a passion for creating beautiful drone video footage, we are ready to partner with you. Find out more about our drone flight for hire services and contact us so we can help you put amazing into your next video production!