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Montana By Drone – Our Exclusive 4K Mountain Footage – Glacier National Park (Eastern Border)


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Montana Filmed In 4K Resolution

Explore the hidden mountains in Montana with us in our exclusive 4K aerial drone footage. Adventure awaits! Some places you might see in the video:

– Mystic Lake (Roscoe, MT)
– Black Canyon Lake (Richel Lodge, MT)
– Holland Lake (Condon, MT)
– Hyalite Reservoir (Bozeman, MT)
– Mystic Lake Falls (Roscoe, MT)
– Beehive Basin (Big Sky, MT)
– Flathead Lake sunset (Kalispell, MT)
– Holland Falls (Condon, MT)
– Hyalite Canyon (Bozeman, MT)
– Glacier National Park (east entrance)

This was part of our 50 States By Drone project. You can subscribe for more videos like this: Our YouTube Channel

If you want to use some of these clips yourself you can find some of them on our stock footage portfolio: Stock Footage Library

Message us direct if you want exclusive footage rights or something not listed in our library!

*** Any national/state parks or restricted areas in this video were filmed from outside the boundaries, flying in public airspace. As of the time of filming, this means no park rules were broken making this video (NPS has confirmed). ***

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