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Get professional help installing & hosting your online classroom software. We primarily service Moodle hosting & set-up for education providers but can service other platforms by request. We offer more features, more users and more data storage, for less, than most other hosted Moodle solutions. Find out how we can help you set up an online classroom FAST while keeping costs very affordable for any institution/classroom size.

Managed Hosting

Let us take care of the technical stuff. We deploy your Moodle installation to our secure cloud servers and make sure everything keeps running.

Direct Technical Support

When you work with us, you're working with real people ready to respond directly to your support needs. We work hand-in-hand to help you succeed.

Get More For Less

Our managed hosting & installation will cost you less than the official cloud services Moodle offers, and give you access to more custom features.

Moodle Customization

Because we're running Moodle on our own cloud servers, we can help you customize it in ways you can't on the typical cloud service. Go custom!

Advanced Integrations

We are coders & developers first. We can help you integrate other services to Moodle, including Google Apps, Microsoft, Xero, Zoom & more.

Custom Domain Name

We can help you deploy a custom domain name for your Moodle classroom for any domain you own, such as

It’s Time To Move Life – and School – Online

Life is changing fast, isn’t it?

Our own families are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in the state-wide closures of businesses and schools.

We trust that like in times past, American ingenuity and national unity during shared disasters will help us all pull through!

Part of that ingenuity involves leading the way in transitioning our lives to various online platforms that allow us to keep going.

That, of course, includes moving classrooms to a virtual space to eliminate COVID-19 transmission risks and maintain safe social distancing.

We’re Ready To Help You Quickly Move To An Online Classroom

We’re here to help you make that transition.

Maybe you’re a teacher that’s been told to move your classes online and you’re not sure where to start.

Maybe you’re the principal of a private school without dedicated IT staff and you don’t know how to begin the process.

Maybe you’re an overworked IT for a mid to large sized school and you need outside help to get this project moving.

Whatever your situation, our team is ready to help!

We’ve been working with clients to set up online spaces for a number of industries since 2010. We have the experience you need to get things up and running quickly for your school as well.

We can help you set up your online classroom software, customize the plugins and workflow, and keep your classroom running through our managed hosting services.

Moodle Online Classroom Software Installation & Hosting

Our primary online classroom software platform of choice is Moodle. While we can help you set up other platforms by request, our main service packages focus on Moodle hosting and installation.

Why Moodle? They are a leader in open-source online classroom software. They’re the most-used e-learning software platform with 189 million users and 135,000 different institutions/sites using them.

Moodle provides everything you need for running an online classroom. Post assignments and quizzes for your students and let them submit them back to you online. Create classroom spaces specific to each course/teacher. Chat and message with your students. Complete and share their grades online. Utilize numerous collaborative and multimedia tools to enhance the e-learning experience.

Moodle also has strong mobile support. For your students who don’t have latops (or don’t want to use them) they can still engage with your classroom material from their mobile phones or tablets.

You can watch this video below to learn more of why Moodle is our platform of choice for online classroom software:

Three Reasons To Choose Us For Your Moodle Hosting & Installation

Moodle software is free and open source. We download and use the same code Moodle offers to everyone. So, why should you also pay us to help you install and host it?

First, we do the work for you of installing the software. You’re busy managing your students and school. Do you really have time to learn a new IT skill too? We can install and set it up faster than you could do it yourself, and remove that headache for you.

Second, we also host Moodle for you. Even if you downloaded Moodle yourself, you have to run it on a server somewhere. Servers aren’t free. We have optimized cloud servers that we fully manage for you to ensure your online classroom software keeps working for all your students.

Third, we provide custom integrations and remove the custom theme/plugin limitations that you have to wrestle with on the official Moodle hosting service. You have full access to ALL compatible Moodle plugins that work on a hosted platform. We will install them for you.

We can also help you to integrate your other services you use for e-learning. We can help you connect Google Apps, Xero, HR tools, Microsoft, Zoom video, Adobe Connect and other services that provide remote interaction with your students.

Let’s Get Started Setting Up Your Online Classroom Software!

We know that with all the disruptions of life due to COVID-19 there’s not much time to spare getting your students back in the classroom.

The only way to do that now seems to be online. We’re ready to jump in and help you make that happen!

We’re all in this together. The success of your school means securing a future for the next generation in our country. We want to help you do that in this trying time, and to do it right.

Go ahead and contact us to let us know if you’re interested in getting started. You can reference our affordable pricing structure as well.

We’re trying to provide very fast turnaround times, but total time to delivery will depend on the scale of your school. The sooner we get started the sooner your kids can be in their virtual classroom with you again!

Contact Us To Get Answers To Your Questions

We know that every educational institution – public, private or co-op based – has unique needs and challenges. Let us know a little bit about your situation and how we can help you get your classes online!

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