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We are a creative inbound marketing agency that helps small businesses succeed in digital spaces. We provide hands-on solutions that work and personal interaction with all our clients. We treat clients like family; with us you are a person and not just an account!

How Can We Help You Grow With Inbound Horizons?

Everything begins with a well-built website that represents your brand to your customers and accomplishes your digital marketing goals. We can help you get started with a custom site!

Once your website is launched, you need customers to find it FAST! We help you immediately attract qualified inbound traffic with paid search marketing (PPC) via Google AdWords. 

Your long-term success on the internet depends on a solid SEO foundation. We can help your site climb in search rankings and produce FREE inbound organic traffic for years ahead. 

We Help You Build Your Business Online

Since 2010 we’ve helped numerous small and medium-sized businesses across the US grow in their markets. Getting your website built and online is the first step, but that’s the easy part!

After completing the site build, we can work with you to generate steadily increasing organic search traffic for you with our in-depth SEO process. 

We use a powerful fusion of user-oriented web design and cumulative white-hat SEO growth to build a growing stream of qualified inbound organic traffic to your site. 

We can help you increase your customer base, expand your market reach and build your business to its full online potential! 

We also offer the option to add on fully-managed Google AdWords or Microsoft paid search ads to immediately find new customers while building SEO results for the future. 

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And We Stay With You To Keep It Growing

We still have original clients from when we opened in 2010. We still work with them to keep their business growing more than a decade later!

We don’t just get our clients started then kick them out the door into the wilds of the web. If you want to grow with us, we are ready to help you for the long-term!

Our agency is built on relationships first. And no relationship matters to us more than that of our clients!

We are partners in the success of all our clients. From large mobile home dealerships to small family-owned raw honey stores; from accountants in Kansas to electricians in Idaho; from family-run regenerative farms to fantasy fiction authors and global travel bloggers, we value each and every client relationship as equally important!

If you are ready to work with people that you will get to know and trust, people who are invested in your success the entire way, contact us today.

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We primarily provide full-service packages customized to the specific needs of small business clients, but we can also provide single-service offerings that your business may need. Find out about our SEO, PPC, Web Development, Custom Plugin Builds and more!
Managed SEO Services

Fully Managed SEO

Get in front of more customers searching on Google for your product or services. We help you grow your organic website traffic naturally and effectively. No tricks, just hard work and 14+ years of industry experience!

Paid Search Marketing

Find new customers FAST with fully-managed paid search ads on Google AdWords. Retarget your existing website visitors across millions of sites on the Google Display Network. Get real results working with our experienced!

SMB Custom Business Website Design

Custom Website Builds

We build unique custom websites that fit your brand and serve your customers. Whether you are a small family-owned business or an established multi-location enterprise, we can build a hands-on solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Wordpress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

We code and develop WordPress plugins. If your business uses WordPress and you need a custom plugin solution built for you, we can help. You can also find several free and premium WordPress plugins on our site that help optimize for UEX, leads and more!

Not Sure Where to Start? Contact Us For a Free Consult.

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