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You Want More Customers. We Make It Happen.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to instantly reach millions of customers searching for billions of different key words on Google & Bing. It is the fastest way to immediately reach new customers.

Inbound Horizons has been a Google  Partner Agency since 2012. We know how to help both large and small businesses generate more leads for their business using search engine marketing.

From $100 to $10,000+ monthly spend budgets, we ensure your ads are on target, your message is on brand, and your performance is on focus to produce what matters most – more customers!

Only Pay When Customers Click

"Pay Per Click" means you only pay for ads that customers click on to visit your website, reducing the risk of useless ads!

Get New Customers Right Away

New customers will begin seeing your ads the very first day we launch your account. You don't have to wait for new sales!

We Look Beyond Just The Click

We help you produce the actions that matter to you most, like leads, sales or sign-ups - not just clicks and visits.

You Get Google Certified Staff

Our team is certified as a Google partner. We can work directly with Google staff to fully optimize and plan your campaigns!

Contact Us To Get Started With a Free Quote

Tell us what your search marketing goals are and we will help to make them a reality! We can help you target ANY goal for SEM including:

  • Sales leads/phone calls
  • On-line e-commerce sales
  • E-mail signups/subscriptions
  • Mobile app installs/downloads
  • Brand exposure across millions of websites
  • YouTube video promotion and engagement
  • Re-targeting of past website visitors

And even more than that! We have a lot of tools in our SEM toolbox, just ask us if it can be done and we’ll tell you how we can do it!

    Still Not Convinced? Think You Can Just Take Care Of Your Search Marketing By Yourself?

    You might be able to do it.

    Small business owners are smart, adaptive people.

    That’s why you’re the owner, right?

    Well, I’m a business owner too. 

    And I learned an important lesson a long time ago – it’s better to spend your money hiring an expert to do it right, then spend your precious time trying to become an expert yourself.

    Let’s face it. We can’t be everything, all the time, that we want to be. 

    Time is limited. 

    Sure, you can spend countless hours studying how SEM works. Researching and testing Google ad strategies. Plumbing the depths of the internet for free training. 

    But, wouldn’t it be better to spend that time growing your business?

    Doing what YOU do best, and what nobody else can do?

    I think so. 

    That’s why I hire an accountant to handle the books for my business. 

    Sure, I could spend hours trying to become an expert accountant. 

    But then who’s running my business?

    And, what if I’m NOT an expert accountant? Risking an IRS audit or tax penalty isn’t worth it!

    That’s why I hire an expert. 

    That’s why you should hire an SEM expert, too. 

    Your time is better spent on your business. 

    And, in all likelihood, you can’t be as expert at SEM as someone who does it all the time. 

    Do you want to risk your hard-earned money on a rookie mistake you could make on a PPC campaign?

    It could cost you thousands, way more than you’d spend on an agency to do it right. 

    So, that’s my pitch to you. 

    We also made a fun infographic showing what happens when two business owners take two different routes. 

    One tries to do SEM on their own, the other hires an expert. 

    See what happens!