Simple Dropdown Filter by Category for WooCommerce – Free WordPress Plugin


This is a free Wordpress plugin that can be downloaded on the Wordpress Repository. 

Simple Dropdown Filter by Category for Woocommerce automatically adds a dropdown on your shop catalog page that allows you to instantly filter products by WooCommerce product categories. The dropdown will show up on the shop page, product archive page and product tag page. It shows a product count per each category by default. The plugin currently supports only selecting a single category to filter.

The dropdown filter buttons shows up to the right of the native WooCommerce “sort by” dropdown and uses native WooCommerce component code.

Simple Dropdown Filter by Category Plugin Features and Extras

You can choose to manually exclude certain categories to show up in the dropdown filter if you do not want users to filter by those categories.

You can toggle off or on showing product counts by category or showing empty categories in your shop.

You can set custom CSS classes for styling the button to match your theme, and even apply custom CSS directly to the plugin from the back end settings panel.

It will work with nested parent/child categories you create in WooCommerce and display the child categories underneath the parent in your dropdown menu when users select a category.

Screenshots From The Plugin

This is the view of the plugin admin panel options you will see in Wordpress. You can choose to show/hide product count or empty categories. You can also add custom CSS classes to the dropdown filter elements.
This is an example of where the dropdown filter will show up on the upper right side a standard WooCommerce shop page, next to the default “sort by” dropdown output by WooCommerce on the shop page.
This is an example of the dropdown when selected. It shows the parent product categories as well as sub-categories for selection. When a user selects one of these categories, the shop page will load in the selected category. Users can click the “x” on the category to clear the filter and reload all the shop products.
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