reputation management service

Reputation Management Service

Reviews Can Make Or Break Your Business

Reputation Management ServicesYou think the way your customers think. All of us do in the digital age, really.

If you are planning a night out with the family, you Google search some restaurants.

Without even thinking about it, you won’t click the 1-2 star reviews.

You’re going to go for the 4-5 star reviews on a local restaurant.

Why? Well, it’s your family, they deserve a great meal.

You don’t want a 1-star night out do you?

But if you go to a local restaurant with 4 stars and see a bad review, you stop to think about it again.

What was that customers problem? Did the restaurant respond to it?

Does it look like the restaurant even cared?

Do you get the feeling that restaurant even knows a customer left a bad review?

They probably don’t if they’re like most busy small businesses.

They might not have time for their reviews, but their customers certainly have time to read them to make their buying decisions!

Get A Reputation Management Service

Don’t you want to know what your customers think about you?

Don’t you want the world to also know that your customers think you’re great?

Of course you do. But it’s not enough to just say ‘Hey please leave a good review for us on Google!’

Most customers won’t know how to do it.

Or they are going to forget once they leave your business. They’re busy too!

How can you close that loop with your customers?

Our reputation management solution makes that possible.

Just take their name, phone number and email, and the system does the rest of the work for you.

They get an email or a text asking them to leave a review.

Bad reviews get forwarded to you for private response and never make it on Google.

Good reviews prompt the customer to post it on your desired review platforms.

Google Plus, Yelp, Facebook, and other review platforms are all included.

We’ve already seen this reputation management service build a positive customer reviews base for our clients.

There’s no faster and simpler way to start building your online reputation, so get started today!