SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Why Should You Spend Money On Something That’s Free?

Managed SEO services Showing up in Google is free.

Really? Yes, it actually is free.

You don’t have to pay Google anything to have your website show up in their search results.

Nice of them to do that for you, isn’t it?

So if it’s free to be put in their catalog of potential sites to show for a search, why would a business pay for someone to “do” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for them?

Great question! Think of it like this.

Google reports there are about one trillion websites in the world that together make up about 30 trillion web pages that can show up in search results.

That’s a lot. Sure you get in the Google door “for free” but how can you stand out from a trillion other websites?

How will you get your web page about XYZ product to rise above 30 trillion other web pages, and show up for people searching for “where can I buy XYZ” on Google?

search engine optimization services

How do you let Google know what searches you want people to find your website on?

How can you stand out among 3.5 billion searches going on each day?

That’s Where Your Paid SEO Service Comes In

We know how to get your site in front of the search terms that matter to you, and have been helping businesses show on Google in the right places for years.

It’s not rocket science, even though Google uses over 200 different factors to determine where and how your site ranks on a Google search.

But it does take a lot of time, energy, effort and expertise to do it right.

Please hear us out on these two things.

Don’t hire a company promising “Number One Google Spot” for $100 dollars.

It’s a bad idea. Trust us, you’ll regret it!

These guys are scammers and will use what’s called “Black Hat” tactics that get you in trouble with Google after the scammers are paid and disappear.

Don’t waste days and weeks trying to read the latest “How To” for SEO that you find online.

A lot of those tutorials are outdated & complicated, and if you don’t know what you are doing you can actually hurt your site’s Google rankings.

The longer you spend trying to do SEO yourself, the more customers you lose from search traffic going to your competitors.

It can take months to get the right pages ranked in the right places, even for a team that knows what they’re doing.

Someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience may find it takes much longer than that, or might never even rank their site where they hope to.

Don’t let that be you!

We have the time, talent and tools needed to help your business succeed in SEO.

We only use ethical, Google-compliant and future-proof SEO tactics for our clients, and require at the least a 6-month SEO relationship so we can see the plan work for the long-term.

Contact our team for a free consultation on how to get your site showing up in Google and rise above the trillion other websites out there.