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We've been doing small business SEO for over a decade, helping numerous clients grow their organic search traffic to get them more sales, more lead prospects and more revenue growth.

We don't offer you worthless SEO that sounds good in an email pitch but produces no real long-term value. We follow a proven, hands-on, systematic process that just plain works!

Our SEO Focuses On Real Results

We Focus On The Results That Matter

We know that, ultimately, it doesn’t matter if your site can rank #1 in Google and get 1,000s of site visitors if they don’t convert to sales.

We don’t just stop at search term rankings and site traffic. We focus on the most qualified and relevant SEO traffic that will turn into REAL leads and sales that matter!

Whatever your SEO goals are we can craft a long-term campaign to help you realize them. 

Big Or Small, We Help Grow Organic Traffic

Whether your site is for a large or small market, we can help customers find you.

We work with large sites reaching regional markets across multiple states. We work with small sites just focusing on their city.

Whatever your size, we can work with you to get your business in front of the right customers in your market searching for your services. 

What Do You Get With Our Fully-Managed SEO?

Dedicated SEO Account Expert

Technical SEO Site Audit Report

Technical Site Optimizations

Custom Keyword Research Database

Full Site Content Audit Report

Existing & New Content Optimization

Top Five Competitor Analysis Report

SEO Backlink Audit Report & Analysis

New Editorial Backlink Acquisition

Plain-English Progress Summaries

Integrated Google Analytics Tracking

Google Maps + Other Local Listings

See Some Recent SEO Wins For Clients!

Rapid Keyword Growth After First Year of SEO

These are real results after 18 months of our focused, hands-on, systematic SEO services. This client went from less than a dozen keywords showing in Google to over 200+ keywords showing on the first page and over 40 in the top 1-3 slots. 

Steady, Year-on-Year Organic Traffic Growth

These are real results of steady, natural organic traffic growth that doubled site traffic after one year of focused SEO services, going from 14K to over 28K visits a month. This was highly-qualified traffic for relevant keywords in the client’s market, resulting in increased sales revenue and customer acquisition.

Why Pay For SEO Instead of Doing It Yourself?

Still Not Convinced? Wondering Why You Should Spend Money On Something That’s Free? It’s a good question. 

I’ll let you in on an SEO “secret” many business owners don’t know.

Showing up in Google is free.

Really? Yes, it actually is free.

You don’t have to pay Google anything to have your website show up in their search results.

Nice of them to do that for you, isn’t it?

So if it’s free to be put in their catalog of potential sites to show for a search, why would a business pay for someone to “do” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for them?

Great question! Think of it like this.

Google reports there are about one trillion websites in the world that together make up about 30 trillion web pages that can show up in search results.

That’s a lot of web pages!

Sure you get in the Google door “for free” but how can you stand out from a trillion other websites?

How will you get your web page about XYZ product to rise above 30 trillion other web pages, and show up for people searching for “where can I buy XYZ” on Google?

How do you let Google know what searches you want people to find your website on?

How can you stand out among 3.5 billion searches going on each day?


That’s Where Our Managed SEO Service Comes In

So here’s our sales pitch:

We know how to get your site in front of customers using the search terms that matter to you.

We have been helping businesses show up on the first pages of Google in the right places for years.

It’s not rocket science, even though Google uses over 200 different factors to determine where and how your site ranks on a Google search.

But it does take a lot of time, energy, effort and expertise to do it right.


Two Things You NEED To Know About SEO!

Ok, maybe you aren’t sure you want to use our team for your SEO.

No hard feelings!

But PLEASE remember these two things when you go hunting for an agency to manage your SEO:


1. Don’t hire a company promising you the “Number One Google Spot” for $100 dollars.

It’s a bad idea. Trust us, you’ll regret it!

These guys are scammers and will use what’s called “Black Hat” tactics that get you in trouble with Google after the agency is paid and disappear.

They are usually located overseas somewhere. Getting your money back for poor quality SEO will be impossible.

We are a registered business in the state of Texas, and we aren’t going anywhere with your money!


2. Don’t waste days and weeks trying to read the latest “How To” for SEO that you find online.

A lot of those tutorials are outdated or too complicated for beginners. If you don’t know what you are doing you can actually hurt your site’s Google rankings.

The longer you spend trying to do SEO yourself, the more customers you lose from search traffic going to your competitors.

It can take months – or years! – to get the right pages ranked in the right places, even for a team that knows what they’re doing.

Someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience may find it takes much longer than that, or might never even rank their site where they hope to see it on Google.

Don’t let that be you!



We Are Here To Succeed With You In SEO

We have the time, talent and tools needed to help your business succeed in SEO.

We only use ethical, Google-compliant and future-proof SEO tactics for our clients.

We commit to the long-term, and have numerous SEO clients that have been using us consistently for YEARS with steady, profitable growth.

When our clients succeed, we succeed with them. It’s a win-win.

Don’t you want to work with an agency interested and invested in your future growth ant not some one-time payout?

Contact our team for a free SEO service quote.

We’re ready to help you get your site showing up in Google and rise above the trillions of other websites out there.

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No business can succeed on the internet without some effort put into SEO. If you don’t have the time and expertise to do it yourself, we do.

Start investing now in a better future for your business with more qualified organic traffic coming in from SEO.

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