Small Business Web Design Services

Why Spend Money On A Small Business Web Design Agency?

It’s a good question, really. Why should I pay some agency $2,000-$5,000 or more to build a website for me when I can go to Wix or Go Daddy and do it myself for $15 a month for a DIY site builder?

It’s true. You can find WYSIWYG website builder services for cheap and do it yourself to save money.

You can load templates that are pre-packaged and ready to go, just add your logo and some smiling pictures of your staff, and instant website!

Sounds great, right? And you can save a few thousand in the process (and not have to deal with a web agency, which we know can be a pain sometimes!)

But think about it this way. If you were sick, you could find free medical advice on Google or Web MD.

Or you could spend $30 and buy a book that has diagnostics in it, the same book doctors use as a reference.

You could go to the pharmacy yourself, and maybe get the right medicine if you guessed the condition correctly.

But it’s the things you DON’T know that will get you more than the information you were able to look up.

That cough might sound like a normal cough, but to a trained doctor they know what it isn’t, and what it likely is.

What’s the difference between you and a doctor?

You have access to the same books and tools, for the most part. Only a couple hundred dollars and you can have a nice stethoscope and reference books.

But one of you studied medicine, and has experience from hundreds of other patients.

One of you didn’t and doesn’t know what they SHOULD know or what they DON’t know. Which one do you want to trust your health to?

Experience Makes The Difference In Small Business Web Design

We wouldn’t trust our personal health to ourselves if we didn’t have adequate experience. Why would we trust our own business website to ourself when we might not really know what we are doing?

When you are hiring our agency to build your business website, you aren’t paying us just for the tools and the time.

We know you can buy your own tools, and make your own time to save some money. We got that.

Remember, we are a small business too, and are in the business of saving money when we can!

But you are hiring us for our experience. We have probably dealt with businesses like yours.

We know what small business websites need, and what they DON’T need, to be successful online.

We know how to build a site right to scale up for the future.

We know how to make your site fit your brand, and bring together a custom theme and feel to it you wouldn’t find in an off-the-shelf solution from a DIY service.

We know how to make your site SEO friendly and not get lost in Google and Bing search.

We know how to craft UEX to keep your site experience simple yet professional for your users.

You are hiring us to solve your problems and to partner with you to make your business presence successful online.

We are your partner to ensure a healthy on-line business presence from the very beginning with a solidly built website you can use for years to come.