Why Use Search Engine Marketing Services When I Can Do It Myself?

Why Use Search Engine Marketing

why use search engine marketingWhy use search engine marketing services? Great question. We asked it ourselves when we first started out.

Why would you actually pay someone like our agency for PPC marketing services to manage their Google AdWords campaigns for them?

Setting up an account is free. The login is free. The AdWords platform is free.

Anyone can get started with Google search engine marketing on AdWords if they want, all they need is a G-Mail account.

But then you login, and you realize – “Wow, there’s a lot of options in here…”

You set up a campaign, adgroup and your first PPC marketing ad.

You find some keywords you think you want your company to be #1 for on Google.

You set your bids and a daily cap to limit your spending, and think you’re done.

Easy, right? Why use search engine marketing services when you can do it yourself?

The Difficulty Is In The Details…

But after a month and about $3,000 dollars later you wonder if it’s working.

Pay-per-click marketing meant you should be getting more leads, right?

You’ve had a few more calls than normal, but not the flood of customers you expected.

You look in the account and see a CPC (cost per click) of about $5.50 for your keyword.

You had set it really high to hit that max bid so you could be number one on the search results.

You wanted to be number one right?

You see that at $5.50 per click you got over 540 people to your site. Great!

But then you see something called a “conversion rate” and it is at 1% for your account.

You realize that means you gained a total of only 5 leads this month from your efforts.

That’s a cost of $600 per lead! Angrily, you delete your Google AdWords account and call it quits.

Inexperienced Search Engine Marketing Is Risky

why use search engine marketing
Check Out Our Infographic On What Happens If You Do PPC Poorly!

Why use search engine marketing services? Because the benefits far outweigh the costs and risks of a DIY approach.

You could have had a better use for $3,000 then 5 phone calls, right?

An experienced search engine marketing services agency could have probably got your costs down to $1-2 CPC or less depending on your market competition.

They could have gotten your conversion rates up by optimizing the account, and also by advising you on your product landing pages.

Instead of a lousy 5 calls you could have had 50 calls or more.

Wouldn’t that be a better use of $3,000 worth of your business capital?

Would that make you reactivate your Google AdWords account and try pay-per-click marketing again? We hope so.

Don’t risk your business revenue with risky PPC marketing!

If you don’t know what you are doing we can help you.

If your agency isn’t a Google partner or isn’t giving you quality performance, we can help you.

Get Our Help With Search

Don’t try to save $100 and lose $1,000 by not hiring a Google Partner agency to provide optimized PPC marketing services.

Stop asking why you should use search engine marketing and start seeing the benefits of it yourself!

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